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GSHZ-250C type high speed coating glue.


GSHZ-250C type high speed coating glue.

Preparation brief introduction:
The special GSHZ-250 type high speed machine is used for PVC and PET with other color printing shrink film material for forming drum shaped packaging material. Such as: beverage label pen cap and so on. This machine adopts man-machine interface, PLC control, Yaskawa double vector variable frequency control, automatic reeling tension, ultrasonic automatic correction, automatic gluing, automatic meter etc..

Main technical parameters:
Unwinding diameter 500mm
Winding diameter 700mm
With the width of 250mm
With the speed of 300m/min
Supply voltage 380V 50HZ
Overall power 3.5Kw
Overall weight 1000Kg
Outline size 3180*1450*1550mm